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• Customized Services

Birdie is a recognized international professional beauty consultant in both California and Asia. In her long, successful career, she has been sought out by clients with special skin care needs. She is an expert in the treatment of Hyper Sensitivity, Rosacea, Acne Prone Skin and Stress related issues.

All of Birdie's clients deserve and receive extra special attention. We provide a unique skin care analysis before you select the treatment that is just right for you. Often, a series of facial and body treatments will be recommended over a period of time in order to maximize results.


• Skin and Body Treatment Services

Full body treatments for firming, algae detox and and Dead Sea mud treatments will leave you feeling relaxed and revitalized. For that special treat try her Salt Glow or Chocolate Body Glow treatment. And to top it all off, the Self Tanning treatment will add that healthy glow to your skin without the damaging rays of the sun or a tanning booth.

Eleven facial treatments are available to suit your every need. European Spa facials, aromatherapy, anti-aging treatments, cell renewal, and pumpkin peels with green tea treatments will revitalize your skin. Acne Away treatments for those with special needs and Super Oxy-G and Vitamin C infusion facials are available for our clients with special needs.

Specialty treatments focusing on the eyes, and lips will add that final touch to any of the standard facials. The scar treatment that encourages cell renewal while assisting in the softening of scar tissue is an exceptional value. Want a unique relaxation therapy that can help with those migraine headaches, TMJ or facial pains? Then you need to try our Cranio Therapy!

• Also Available:   Therapeutic Massages!

• Ask about our non-surgical face-lifting treatment!

 Our Product Lines: 
Cosmedix®, Dr. D. Schwab®,
Sea Enzyme®, Ambrosia®, Osmosis®,
BirdieMagic Mineral Makeup™ ,
Superfood supplement nanogreens and
nanogreens + PROBIOTIC from biopharma® scientific


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* Appointment Reservation Policy

To reserve your appointment, we request a credit card.  There is NO cancellation fee if you give us at least 48 hours advance notice.  There is a 25% cancellation fee if you cancel your appointment LESS than 48 hours before its scheduled date and time (since we can't re-schedule someone else with such short notice).

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• A Few Testimonials *

      * "Dear Birdie, Thank you for another heavenly treatment! I must be the only client who sleeps through an eye-brow waxing session. I would like to know your secret! Your hands must have some sort of a healing power. I am always looking forward to my next appointment with you! Thank you for everything you do for me and my friends who are willing to follow you everywhere you go!   Cheers,"
--Ayse Ozkan

      * "Birdie is amazing. I have very sensitive skin and usually after I get my brows waxed, it leaves my skin red, inflamed, and broken out. She has such a soft touch that the wax was painless and my skin literally glowed when she was finished. On top of that, she did such a great job shaping my brow, that my boyfriend even noticed the difference!" -- Amy Gilloom

      * "Birdie is not only a walking billboard for the essence of beautiful skin, but she's also one of the most knowledgeable about it! I have discoloration, redness, and breakouts. She showed me how to correct that problem from the 'inside out' -- with better diet, more water, less stress and of course Birdie!

      Her facials are the most relaxing and pampering experiences I've ever had. She also offers top notch products -- which are without question some of the best I have seen on the market. I often get comments on how beautiful my skin looks and I recommend her mineral makeup line and buy it as gifts for friends and family.   Thank you, Birdie." -- Yass B.W.

      * "When I first met Birdie 6 years ago, my wife was seeing her for facial treatments. She would always rave about Birdie and her awesome facials. I could tell she was good from the way my wife's skin looked and her completely relaxed attitude after one of Birdie's treatments.

      After a couple years, I decided to see what exactly was "Birdie Magic." After my very first facial I was sold!   Birdie's warm personality and attention to the specifics of each person's skin is what makes her loyal clients keep coming back. Since my wife and I started seeing Birdie, we've sent many family members and friends to her. They all agree her personal touch and knowledge provide a very relaxing experience and rejuvenated skin!  Thanks again Birdie."
  -- Chad


* Of course, all results may vary!

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