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Birdie Day Spa is a unique, highly personalized spa and treatment center,
offering the best-trained staff and highest quality care you will find ANYWHERE.

About Birdie

Birdie is an internationally recognized professional beauty and skin consultant-practitioner, with clients in both Asia and the United States.   She is licensed in California for more than 25 years and her fully-staffed spa is located in beautiful downtown La Jolla, California.

She is also a certified cranio therapy & myofascial trigger-point specialist, holistic health practitioner, certified nutritional consultant and certified master herbalist. You will realize the difference her advanced skills in these areas make during your very first consultation or treatment session!

About Gigi

Gigi comes to Birdie Day Spa from China, bringing 12 years of massage experience and an innate healing ability.  She specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and chair massage.  She is known for her exquisite ability to evaluate an individual's emotional state and relieve strict tension to institute harmony between body, mind and spirit.  With passion for the art of wellness, Gigi will help you construct the right milieu for self-healing to befall.

"I like to massage because I can help people release pain and muscle tension, reduce stress, and improve blood circulation."

About Amanda

As a professional massage therapist, Amanda specializes in deep tissue and trigger point therapy massage, with a special interactive approach. Her goal is to help the people reach a state of inner well being and vibrant health to the body and mind.

About Glenda

With more than 12 years experience in San Diego and abroad, Glenda specializes in deep tissue, sports, maternity, reflexology and swedish massage. Trained in the Philippines, she is also certified in Bamboo Fusion. Clients love her strong, yet gentle, touch and her ability to customize her massages to fit their exact needs. She explains it best herself:

"My only goal is to ease pain and help release tension."

Magazine Excerpt of Birdie in Thailand...

Birdie's Philosophy

Since moving permanently to California many years ago, I’ve continued my education in healing, nutrition, pressure points, aromatherapy, massage and advanced skin care.

As I explained in the article above, most professionals agree that the skin is the best indicator of health.   Skin problems are the body's way of trying to tell us that something is wrong.   By closely examining my clients, I can tell how acidic their skin is, whether they drink enough water and if they are under excessive stress.

Most of the problems my staff and I treat involve exposure to pollution, toxins or pesticides; poor diet and nutrition; and other symptoms of stress.   And the adverse effects of stress can be far-ranging, including insomnia, lethargy, hair loss, slow healing of scars and excessively dry or oily skin.

I also strongly encourage a healthy diet and positive attitude as part of a complete skin care program.   I help my clients improve their eating habits, nutrition and general lifestyle as part of my overall therapy.

When combined with our spa treatments, the results are usually dramatic!

-- Warmest regards, Birdie      


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