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-- Body Treatments --

All the body treatments listed below can be specially designed just for you based on your current needs.  You will never feel more relaxed, more alive and more beautiful after any of our special body treatments!

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• Firming Treatment:  50 min - $80

Smooth and contour the soft tissue area such a stomach, thigh area, etc. It is suitable after weight loss

• Aromatherapy Treatment:  50 min - $80

Includes a blend of essential oils create for each individual's needs. this treatment creates harmony for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

• Algae Body Wrap Treatment:  50 min - $99

A re-mineralizing algae body wrap with dry brushing to remove dead skin, enhance body circulation and offer the ultimate in full-body relaxation! And for added healing, anti-oxidant therapy and vitamin moisturizing are also included!.

• Salt Glow Body Treatment:  50 min - $80

Includes a full body exfoliation, which softens rough areas. Oils from the sea are applied to soften and moisturize.

• Self Tanning Treatment:  60 min - $99

This treatment includes a full body exfoliation, application of hydrating oils and followed with a self tanner.

• Chocolate Body Glow:  50 min - $90

A unique glacier salt from the mountains is applied to smooth the skin. Followed with a special chocolate mint body oil to soften and moisturize. Great for chocolate lovers!

Schedule online now!
Schedule your own appt. online NOW!
or call us at 858-459-4965

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Schedule online now!
Schedule your own appt. online NOW!
or call us at 858-459-4965

-- Therapeutic Massages --

(massage therapists, H.H.P. : Gigi, Amanda and Glenda -- read more about them here )

Here at Birdie Day Spa, you can completely relax -- knowing you are in safe hands with our expert massage therapists.

Not only are our therapists expertly-trained with years of experience, they are also highly sensitive to your individual requirements. They understand that everyone has unique needs, likes and dislikes and will suggest the best type of massage for you, including the following:

• Neck and Shoulder Massage:  30 min - $50

• Swedish Therapeutic Massage:  60 min - $85

• Swedish Therapeutic Massage:  75 min - $100

• Swedish Therapeutic Massage:  90 min - $125

Swedish Massage - This is a gentle form of massage, using long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, vibration, and tapping. It will help you relax and feel more energized and is often used to help prevent or treat injuries.

• Deep Tissue Massage:  60 min - $85

• Deep Tissue Massage:  75 min - $100

• Deep Tissue Massage:  90 min - $125

Deep Tissue Massage - This type of massage uses slower, more forceful strokes that target deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It can help with muscle damage from injuries.

• Trigger Point Therapy Massage:  60 min - $85

• Trigger Point Therapy Massage:  75 min - $100

• Trigger Point Therapy Massage:  90 min - $125

Trigger Point Therapy (myofascial trigger point) - Helps to reduce pain in specific body areas by locating and relieving your tightest nodule or muscle bands.

• Sport Therapy Massage:  60 min - $85

• Sport Therapy Massage:  75 min - $100

• Sport Therapy Massage:  90 min - $125

No need to be an athlete to benefit from this massage! This procedure helps relieve injury-related range of motion problems and helps reduce inflammation responsible for muscle soreness and tenderness.

• Hot Rock Therapy Massage:  60 min - $95

Hot Rock Therapy - In addition to using classic massage strokes, the therapist places heated, smooth, flat stones on key points of your body. These can relax muscles, improve circulation, calm the nervous systems and help those feel cold or who have cold feet. The therapist can also use the smooth, warm stones to massage areas of your body.

• Aroma-Raindrop Massage:  60 min - $85

• Aroma-Raindrop Massage:  75 min - $100

A relaxing massage with a custom blend of essential oils helps to revitalize, rejuvenate body, mind and spirit (not recommend for pregnant women).

• Reflexology Massage:  50 min - $85

Reflexology - The therapist applies pressure to certain areas of your ears, hands, and feet, thought by some to correspond to organs and systems in the body. This type of massage can improve circulation, reduce tension, pain and stiffness, and boost blood circulation.

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